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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Cutmaster® Bias Buffs


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Satinmaster Bias Buffs

  1. The Divine Cutmaster® Bias Buff is designed to meet the rigorous demands of automatic machinery operating at high speeds, with increased pressures and dwell times.

  2. The Cutmaster's® puckered construction, coupled with the design of the air-cooled ventilated metal center, (removable or permanent) creates jet-steam ventilation for uniform airflow between the buffs assembled on the spindle. Air is drawn in through the metal center vents and centrifugally forced between the sections and outward to the face, which helps overcome excessive heat build-up encountered in automatic buffing.

  3. Cutmaster® Bias Buffs are made in a variety of types to handle any job requirement from heavy, high-production cut-down to light coloring operation. These buffs work equally well for off-hand, semi-automatic and automatic operations. Cutmaster® may be used on ferrous, non-ferrous, precious metals or plastics.

  4. Cutmasters® run cooler, cut faster, wear longer than other types of wheels under high-speed conditions. They must be run between vented steel flanges at least 1" larger in diameter than the metal centers.

    See Steel Flanges

  5. Divine Brothers Cutmaster® buffs are available in single units or cartridge packs for economical loading. Cutmaster® buffs are available in closed or open-faced construction, in various styles, cloth grades and woven sisals. Solid fiber centers are also available.

General Purpose

  • Used for cutting down and finishing operations. These wheels are excellent for heavy work.
  • The rigid construction allows for greater pressure and faster cutting speed.
  • Extend the life of your Cutmaster® up to 30%. Choose our Dura-Tuf Hi-Tech Mill Treatment. (Red Color)
  • Choose a softer material, less ply or a lower density for your coloring or wipe off applications.
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Used Buffs

Divine Brothers Co. sells used buff wheels. These wheels have been approved for return and are in good condition. Buffs are available to present customers first and available as supplies last.

Contact the HOME OFFICE or your local SALES REPRESENTATIVE for more details.


  • All Divine Cutmasters® are available in preloaded Cartridge Stacks
  • Pre-balanced and ready to load.
  • Reduces set-up and downtime.
  • Built to your specifications