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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Full Disc Buffs
Difold & Super Difold
Jewelry Buffs

Dental Buffs

Goblet and String Wheels
Mandrel Mounted Buffs

Round End
Square End
2" - 6" Stocked, Larger sizes made to order.

  • Used for cutting or coloring with Red Lion Greaseless or Bar Compound, for Satin Finishing or a mirror finish.

  • Used on two surfaces - the top and sides.

  • Used with tapered spindle.

  • For any inside surface such as cups, mugs, and Goblets where the sides and bottom must be finished.
2" - 3-1/2" Dia.
Larger sizes made to order

  • Applications the same as above except where no bottom needs to be polished.

  • 100% Cotton / Made in U.S.A.

  • Used with 1/4" Tapered Mandrel

  • Used for insides of tubes or hollowware.

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