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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Cutmaster® Bias Buffs


Seamless Bias Buffs
Open Faced, Ruffled Bias Buffs

Pleated Buffs
Centerless Buffs

Turbo and Special Finger Buffs
Mapos Buffs

Flexal Sisal and Cloth Buffs
Bias Sisal Buffs, Closed Face
Turbo and Flat Plate Sisal Finger Buffs

Satinmaster Bias Buffs
  • Turbo Cloth Finger Buffs can offer excellent coloring and-or maximum cut possible in cloth construction (depending on material used and number of rows sewing.)
  • Made with conventional rim strip (folded fingers) or with a flat plate for overlapping fingers.

  • Both are ideal for irregular shaped parts and flat surfaces

  • The highly popular Cutmaster® Turbo Flat plate finger buff provides a unique buffing action that is unmatched by other buff types. Only one finger is deflected at a time allowing the next finger to provide maximum cut.

  • This Cutmaster® buff style has a longer life due to a reduction in the amount of heat built up on the buff and part. Air is circulated through the parts and buff by the finger action acting as a fan.

    Special Finger Buffs

  • Divine Brothers is the master of speciality buff making.

  • Tell us your problem or application. If we haven’t already made a product for a similar application, we will design one.

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