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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Full Disc Buffs
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Features & Benefits

  • Available in an almost unlimited variety of material, diameter, thickness and sewing styles.

Material Selection Chart

Buff Selection Chart

Custom Sewing Styles

  • Assured Uniform Wear - Ply is automatically turned during assembly.

  • Stitching is tight - 5 or more stitches to the inch and we can sew them to 1/8" of a buff's periphery.

  • Stocked Buffs - See Full Disc Buff Wheels Stock List

Divine's Full Disc Buffing Wheels have enjoyed the reputation of “work horses of the industry” since 1892. Those illustrated here show the sewing styles most frequently requested. We'll furnish other sewing to your specifications. See Custom Sewing Section.

Discs are automatically turned during assembly to insure even distribution of thread ends throughout the buff. Divine Full Disc Buffs last longer and give the finished quality you expect.

There's almost no limit to the variety of materials, diameters, and thicknesses available in the Divine Full Disc line. We custom-make them to your order.

You name it ­ we make it!

Over 100 years of excellence and commitment to quality and service.

See Buff Selection Chart
See Material Selection Chart
See Custom Sewing Styles
See Full Disc Stock List
See Full Disc Custom Made

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