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Polishing Wheels
Clothflex Polishing Wheels Fiber Honing Wheels

Clothflex© Polishing Wheels

Divine Clothflex Polishing Wheels are headed with hot glue or cold cement

and rolled into a loose abrasive. The wheel is used as a flexible grinding or polishing tool. Clothflex polishing wheels are a superior value in any polishing operation.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Built to Uniform Standards
  • Consistent and Controlled Density
  • Full Diameter
  • Smooth Face, Ready to Head
  • Precision Trimmed to Run True
  • Full Uniform Thickness
  • Delivered as Specified

Divine Clothflex Polishing Wheels are manufactured in your choice of diameter, cloth grade, density, arbor hole or sewing to conform to your unique polishing needs. The wheel features high quality canvas covers on both sides. This protects the wheel from injury and supports the outside edges to reduce the tendency to mush over.

When headed and balanced, DIVINE POLISHING WHEELS run true, resulting in longer wheel life and more finished pieces in each production run.

Arbor Holes - Reinforced to insure retention of original hole diameter. Holes may be equipped with optional steel or cast iron bushings for still longer life and usefulness.

Densities - Seven standard densities - from extra soft to extra hard. Densities are determined by involving variations resulting from buff thickness, type of sewing, sewing spacing, thread tension, length of stitch, type of bond used and pressure used to assemble finished wheel. Divine has maintained its density standards for half a century insuring controlled standards.