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Satinmaster© Convolute Wheels
  • Divine Brothers Company is the choice of many distributors and manufacturers for its non-woven Satinmaster® products

  • Satinmaster® Convolute Wheels are made by wrapping and bonding the base non-woven material around a core. Divine Wheels are extremely consistent from lot to lot because of precise manufacturing techniques with tension and adhesive application.

  • Satinmaster® Convolute Wheels are used for Polishing, Blending, Cleaning or Deburring of metal, wood and other non-metallic surfaces

Features Benefits

#6 Open mesh construction

Most conformable/preventing gouging. Eliminates glazing or loading.
#7 & #8 More Conformable More conformable. #8 recommended. Starting specification. Most popular density.
#9 Dense web construction Most durable, least conformable, long lasting, high edge durability, non-dusting. Face can be formed.

Consistent density Uniform wear and scratch pattern from lot to lot.
Non-Metallic No contamination of work piece.
Conformable Wheels easily shaped to conform to the parts
Waterproof Used wet or with lubricants
Non-Smearing No residue left on parts like other media.


Wheels Available
6" - 16"
Face Width
1" - 40"
S/C & A/O
*1/2" face available in the 6" dia. only.
² Applications for Convolute Wheels fall into two categories:

Series A - Polishing, Light Deburring, Final Finishing
Series B- Polishing, Deburring, Blending

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Series A:
Satinmaster® MetalFinishing Convolute Wheels Applications

  • Applying decorative finishes
  • Applying antique or contrast finishes
  • Used for light deburring applications
  • Conditioning and cleaning without changing workpiece dimensions.

Series B:
Satinmaster® Deburring & Polishing Convolute Wheel


  • Removal of medium to heavy burrs
  • Reducing edges
  • Blending coated abrasive scratch patterns
  • Deburring and flash removal on aluminum die cast
  • Blending welds and deburring machined holes

*Above wheels stocked - other types made to order.

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