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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Cutmaster® Bias Buffs


Seamless Bias Buffs
Open Faced, Ruffled Bias Buffs

Pleated Buffs
Centerless Buffs

Turbo and Special Finger Buffs
Mapos Buffs

Flexal Sisal and Cloth Buffs
Bias Sisal Buffs, Closed Face
Turbo and Flat Plate Sisal Finger Buffs

Satinmaster Bias Buffs


  • Used for cutting operations on steel or other hard metals, such as car, truck or motorcycle parts and cookware.

  • Recommended for heavy-duty cutting, for removal of surface imperfections, die marks or grit lines from previous polishing operations.

  • Generally, Dip Treated for extended life, hardness, or aggression, or tacky for compound retention.

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14" and 16" stocked, other sizes made to order.

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See Stock List. - 14" and 16". Other sizes made upon request.
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