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Red Lion - Compounds
Stainless Steel & Emery Bar
Tripoli Aluminum Compound

Premium Red Rouge, Green Chrome and Plastic

Red Lion Greaseless
Liquid Compound
Abrasive Lubricants

Be on the look-out for the addition of SCI Corp (Division of Divine Brothers Companies) UPDATED COMPOUND SECTION, COMING SOON!


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  • Our knowledge and number of formulas have grown over the years. Many of Divine's original popular formulas are still requested after half a century. New formulas have been added by our technical staff as we have successfully solved customer's finishing problems. Other popular compound formulas have been added as Divine has expanded through acquisition over the last century. Some of these include the brand names of Bruce Products Corp. and Red Lion Corp.

    Choosing the Compound that is Right for YOU.

  • See list below of popular items separated by the type of metal you are working on. Choose the appropriate compound based on the amount of cut or color you are looking to achieve on your parts.

  • Give us feedback!! We want to hear from you. Tell us what you would like different and we will select those specifications from our data, or custom formulate for you.

  • Custom formulation is our forte. We take pride in helping you. We have custom formulated thousands of different variations to meet customer's needs.

    We'll Make You Shine!!
    Recycle your Nubbins

    Divine Brothers is always looking for ways to save its customers money. Save your compound nubins and send them back to us to rework into bar form. You save on compound costs and disposable costs. Contact the home office or your local sales representative for details.

    See Red Lion Compound Quote Form