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Unitized Deburring Wheels
  • Satinmaster® Unitized Wheels have the same features and benefits as our Convolute line. They are used to do the same functions. See Satinmaster Convolute.

  • Unitized wheels allow access into narrow grooves.

  • Unitized wheels can be made into much smaller diameters and face widths for hard to reach area.

  • Unitized Wheels are generally used on hand tools.

  • Unitized Wheels are used in a wide variety of metal working activities, such as Metal Fabrication, Aerospace, Surgical Instruments, Cutlery, and Vehicle Manufacturing

Wheel Sizes:
1/2" - 12"
Face Width
1/8" - 1"
Very Fine, Fine, Medium, Coarse

Product Types:

BP - Great on precision parts, fast cutting, for blending of metal or alloy surfaces. Long and durable wheel life.

XL - Diverse applications such as deburring, finishing, and edge breaking. Many grits, densities, and sizes available.

GP - Slower cutting than the BP or XL, made for general blending, finishing, and polishing.

TS - Titanium, stainless steel parts, other aerospace alloys - blends and finishes. Maintains radii, no undercutting, or smearing.