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Compound, Polishing and Buffing Pads

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Compound, Polishing and Buffing Pads

BONNETS - Durable, high quality compound/polishing-buffing
bonnets!! Includes reversible bonnets

  • Real Lambskin Real lambskin hand cut for full edges. Heavy drawstring ties adjust to all backing pads. Mill and professional grade.

  • 100% Virgin Lambs Wool Wool with extra strong man made backing. Resists shedding. Deluxe pile of 1-1/2”. Next best alternative to Lambskin.

  • Lambs Wool Blend Completely uniform pile and density. Withstands multiple cleanings and washings.

  • Special Blend 50% Wool, extra high 1-1/4” pile. PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE!!!!!

  • Terry Cloth Polishing BonnetsHeavy weight terry cloth with elastic edge. Used with random orbital polishing machines or backing pads.

  • Random Orbital Lambs Wool Bonnet Lambs wool Blend Pile to fit the random orbital machines. Elastic edges hold bonnet on pad securely.

  • Polishing Bonnets Heavy Duty Construction with strong draw string for extended wear.

  • Polishing and Sanding Kits available.


Compound-Polishing-Buffing-Pads–Complete selection of piles, diameters, edges. We carry a great Economy Blend pad as well as a 100% wool pad. Buffs on heavy duty jute/urethane plate. PROFESSIONAL QUALITY withstands multiple washings and most chemicals. Most with 7/8” arbor hole. Available with Fibrelock backing. Also, check out our super two sided pads!!!!

Foam PolishersSpecially designed for final finishing and removal of swirl marks on
Clear Coat Finishes.

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