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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Cutmaster® Bias Buffs


Seamless Bias Buffs
Open-Faced, Ruffled Bias Buffs

Pleated Buffs
Centerless Buffs

Turbo and Special Finger Buffs
Mapos Buffs

Flexal Sisal and Cloth Buffs
Bias Sisal Buffs, Closed Face
Turbo and Flat Plate Sisal Finger Buffs

Satinmaster Bias Buffs

  • Don’t be deceived. This Cutmaster Buff looks just like the closed face buffs.

  • Open-faced Cutmaster is a wrapped buff making them softer and even more flexible for high color operation.

  • This construction leaves minimal or no streaks on flat polishing because of the spiral effect of the wrapped cloth, and no separation at the rim.

  • A good "mush buff" for large heads on automatic machinery. The flexibility of this product allows it to move around irregular shaped parts.

Cutmaster Ruffled Bias Buff

  • An open face buff with pre-ruffled material wrapped around the center. The surface of this buff has a random configuration because the plys of material do not lay together.

  • Good for cutting or coloring.

  • High cloth content extends buff life. Irregularity of the ruffles helps eliminate streaking.

Cutmaster w/Cardboard or Duck Covers

  • Used for hollowware, musical instruments or reflective light fixtures, etc.

  • Any part or job where you have to get into the workpiece and want to avoid scratching from the metal center.

  • 6", 7", 8" are stocked.

  • Other sizes and grades made upon request.

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