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The Divine Beltflex Contact Wheel is the direct answer to a demand by abrasive-belt polishers for a wheel with sufficient flexibility to take light contour work in its stride.

  • Advantages - Has controlled density and balance; tracks well while running under light tension; is cool running, due to pleated construction...the pleats entrap air as the wheel revolves.

    The face is ground to a smooth finish and runs beautifully true...gives constantly accurate pressure to the working surface.

  • Construction - The Beltflex Contact Wheel is made from carefully selected cotton cloth, bias cut and pleated around wedged steel rings. Each wheel is fitted with a metal hub. Two densities are available - Type "E", offering great flexibility; Type "G" with flexibility plus aggressive cutting action.

  • Uses - The Beltflex Contact Wheel is recommended for use with a J weight (Jeans Cloth) belt, where light contour and radius work is called for. The flexibility of the wheel can be readily felt by the operator, and polishing is easily controlled since the Beltflex Wheel readily responds to the slightest variation of applied pressure.

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