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Met-L-Brasive® Belts
Abrasive Lubricants

Met-L-Brasive® Belts
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  • Shipments within 10 days or less on standard items. We're your size, we can react to your needs.

  • Expedited Delivery --- Just Ask !!!

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Top Quality Materials in minerals, bonds and backing. Like our whole line of metal finishing products, they're built to go to work.

  • Closed Coat or Open Coat

  • The Bond has resin over resin: two layers, one between the backing and the grain, a second over the grain. It's the BEST BONDING SYSTEM AVAILABLE TODAY with the STRONGEST MEANS OF GRAIN RETENTION.

  • The Joint is BUTT TYPE, stronger than Lap type joints. The splice tape used is a space age fiber that's extremely strong, heat resistant and flexible.

Use and Applications

The work conditions, the degree of finish desired and the shape of the work piece are paramount in the choice of the grit and backing of the belt, as well as the size, shape and hardness of the contact wheel. The contact wheel should be as hard as allowed by the shape of the work piece and the finishing required. The use of grease, oil and lubricating emulsions improves the degree of finishing, lowers the temperature of operation and increases the belt output. Waterproofed cloth allows the use of water-based coolants.

For a correct mounting of the abrasive belt, ensure the correct tension and always observe the direction arrow printed on the belt back.

Follow these general recommendations in the selection of Grits . . .

36 Grit COARSE For extra heavy deburring or grinding
40 to 50 Grit MEDIUM COARSE For heavy deburring
60 to 80 Grit MEDIUM FINE For light deburring
100 to 180 Grit FINE For cleaning and finishing
240 to 500 Grit VERY FINE For super finishing and polishing

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