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Felt Wheels and Bobs

Cylinder Bobs & Wheels Product List

Felt Wheels and Bobs

Divine Brother’s felt products are made from
the finest 100% wool fibers.
Divine’s converted felt wheels and felt bobs have a very consistent density.
The wool fibers have been combed, batted, hardened then felted - providing
longer life and consistent density for your most rigorous finishing needs.

Divine Brothers Company offers the most complete line of polishing and buffing FELT WHEELS and BOBS. All made with the highest quality wool fibres.

  • All wheels are 100% wool.

  • Consistent and controlled density throughout each wheel.

  • Consistent density from Lot to Lot.


See Cylinder Bobs & Wheels Product List


Standard Wheels/Sizes

Dia. 1" to 36"
Face Width 1/4" to 4"
Densities Soft, Medium, Hard, Rock Hard

*Other sizes, densities, and grades of material are made to order.

  • Selection: Most in Indusrty

  • Quality: industry Leader

  • Delivery: Most ship in 3-5 days.

  • Low Net Minimums: $100 Minimum Order

  • Standard Package: Packed 25 Pieces / Bag

- click here for printable Product Listing (PDF version).

See Cylinder Bobs & Wheels Product List