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Cut and Color with the Same Buff

In the Divine Folded Full Disc Buffs, the discs are folded into segments. Directional arrows on the buffs indicate correct rotation to "cut" and "color".

Operated in the "cut" direction, the rotation firms up the pockets into an aggressive edge for cutting operations. Reverse the direction and the pockets open up, providing a softer face for flexible coloring action.

  • Difolds hold compound better making them cut faster.
  • Construction facilitates less sticking on work piece.
  • Buffs are thicker than ordinary full disc buffs so require fewer sections per wheel (costing less per inch of piece).

Divine Folded Full Disc Buffs are available in four constructions:

1. Difold: 18-ply, double folded
2. Double Difold: 34-ply, double folded
3. Half Super Difold: 18-ply, triple folded
4. Super Difold: 34-ply, triple folded

These buffs can be supplied in all standard cloth grades, in specialty and treated materials.