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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Cutmaster® Bias Buffs


Seamless Bias Buffs
Open-Faced, Ruffled Bias Buffs

Pleated Buffs
Centerless Buffs

Turbo and Special Finger Buffs
Mapos Buffs

Flex Sisal, Cloth Buffs
Bias Sisal Buffs, closed face
Turbo and Flat Plate Sisal Finger Buffs

Satinmaster Bias Buffs

Satinmaster® Non-Woven Bias Buffs provide a flexible cushion of non-woven, abrasive impregnated nylon fibers, that bring an absolute uniformity to satin finishing never before possible

Each section is made of four plys of material. Sections can be ganged together for wider face widths. The ventilated metal centers ensure cool buffing. The Satin Master Bias Buffs are flexible and allow conformity to your parts.

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