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Industrial Buffing Wheels, Full Disc Buffs

Difold & Super Difold
Jewelry Buffs

Dental Buffs
Goblet and String Wheels
Mandrel Mounted Buffs

Industrial Buffing Wheels, Cutmaster® Bias Buffs

Open Faced, Ruffled Bias Buffs, Cardboard or Duck Cover "FrayRyte"
Pleated Buffs
Centerless Buffs
Turbo and Special Finger Buffs
Mapos Buff

Flexal Sisal Open Face
Bias Sisal Closed Face
Turbo and Flat Plate Sisal Finger Buffs

Bias Buff

Red Lion - Compounds

Stainless Steel and Emery Bar Compound
Tripoli and Aluminum Compound
Premium Red Rouge, Green Chrome and Plastic
Red Lion Greaseless
Liquid Compound
Abrasive Lubricants

Satinmaster® Non-Wovens

Flap Brushes
Bias Buffs
Discs & Hand Pads & Full Disc Buffs
Convolute Wheels
Unitized Deburring Wheels
Super Stripper
Surface Conditioning Belts & Discs

Polishing Wheels

Fiber Honing Wheel

Abrasive Flap Wheels

Met-L-Brasive® Flap Wheels
Met-L-Brasive Finger Buff Wheels

Abrasive Belts

Met-L-Brasive Belts
Abrasive Lubricants

Abrasive Impregnated Nylon Brushes

Contact Wheels


Washing/Polishing Accessories

Compound Pads, Bonnetts, Polishing and Buffing Pads
Wash and Paint Mitts

Felt Products

Felt Wheels & Bobs
Mounted Felt Bobs Product List

Finishing Supplies (Misc.)

Divine Brothers Company Specializing in the Following Products; Our Full Product line includes: finishing, finishing products, buffing, buffing wheels, full disc buffs, polishing, polishing bonnets, shoe polish, abrasives, aircraft buffing, aircraft, metal cleaners, aerospace finishes, applicators, polishing belts, satin finish, rotary brushes, brushes, bowling polish, polishing wheels, non woven, non-woven, satin finishing, buffs, metal cleaners, cloth buff, cloth cleaners