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Finishing Supplies and Accessories
If you don't know where to find something related to finishing, CONTACT us online or via phone or fax.

We make virtually everything related to finishing and if we don' t have it, we will try to find it for you!

Buff Rake & Fillers
134-Type C Rake Filler
134-Type BC Rake Handle

Buff rakes used to clean the head of buffing wheels of excess compound and metal build-up. Offered separately so you can refill the handle as the metal rake filler wears out.

Loose Abrasive Grains
Divine Brothers being one of the leading manufacturers in Compound has a large variety of Abrasive Grains in Stock.

Glues & Cements
503-G4 Divine Standard Emery Glue (Hot Glue)
134-PW2 Divine Cold Cement (Cold Cement)

Used for setting up and heading of polishing wheels

Glue Pots (Used with Hot Glue)

Available - 1 quart, 2 quart, 4, quart. 8 quart.

Abrasive Cleaners

Rubber sticks used to clean loaded coated abrasive to extend your belt or disc life.

Belly Pads

  • Made with Denin material. Approximately 1/2" thick. 11" x 18" rectangle to cover mid-body work area.

  • Comes with seatbelt type heavy duty strip for securing

  • Other sizes made upon request.

Steel Flanges

150 Series Steel Flanges (Must be used on all bias buff wheels)
4" Dia. Used with 3" Center Cutmaster
6" Dia. Used with 5" Center Cutmaster
8" Dia. Used with 7" Center Cutmaster
10" Dia. Used with 9" Center Cutmaster (made to order)

Reducing Plates, Flanges & Arbors
Specify Hole Size

151 – 3 3" Center Plate
151 – 5 5" Center Plate
151 – 7 7" Center Plate

217-2" Flange - Reduces 2" AH Down

535-1" Flange - Reduces 1" AH Down

505-Tspindle Adapts 1/2" Arbor to Tapered Spindle for Lead and Shellac Center Buffs

505-Madaptor Mandrel Adaptor - Adapts 1/2" Arbor for attachment to any _” mandrel accessory.

505-411 BK Bubblehead adapter for mounted rills and other stationary tools. For 1/2" AH to 1/4" Mandrel.

505-411BK Flat head adapter for flex shafts, drills and other portable power tools. For 1/2" AH to 1/4" Mandrel.

505-18 Mandrel 1/8" Mandrel for Baby Buffs

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