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Dip Treatments

Let us find the right dip for you!!
  • Treatments provide longer buff life by binding sisal fibers together or helping to eliminate fraying of cloth

  • Treatments make a buff harder and more aggressive or more flexible.

  • Treatments may enhance compound retention.

  • All Divine Brothers Dip Treatments are carefully applied for maximum penetration. The sections are then centrifugally spun to eliminate excess treatment and to assure uniformity of treatment.

The following conditioning treatments are for Sisal and Cloth Buffing Wheels. The list goes from softest to hardest. Listed below are our most popular and commonly used treatments.

Conditioning Treatments

Green (Soft) Produces a soft, flexible buff excellent for coloring and generally used on soft metals. Used only on Sisal.

Red (Soft) Flexible and more aggressive than green. Gives extended wear and good cut and color action. An excellent soft general use treatment that helps bind the sisal without making the wheel much harder. Used only on Sisal.

Tan Medium Soft treatment that becomes softer and tacky when buff is running. Allows for excellent compound retention. Excellent on aluminum. Used with Cloth or Sisal wheels.

Blue Medium Hard treatment with excellent extended wear characteristics. Good for die cast or steel. Makes a strong and good cut buff. Used on cloth or sisal.

Purple Slightly harder than blue with more tackiness and flexibility. Excellent on Sisal.

M-Green Slightly harder than purple, tacky and slightly flexible.
Good on Sisal.

Yellow Hard brittle treatment. Used on both Sisal or Cloth.

Black Very hard with slight tackiness.
Extended wear characteristics.
Excellent on finger buffs.
Excellent cut characteristics.
Used only on Sisal.

Red (Cardinal) Rock Hard - Extremely hard.
Excellent cut characteristics.
Dry and binding of ply's of material.
Used on Sisal or Cloth.