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Custom Sewing Chart



Sewed Once: Loose buff. Used for high-coloring operations. Offers great flexibility. Can also be used with Greaseless compound.

Spiral Sewed: Firm buff used for cut-down operations. 1/16" - 1" spacing available. Custom spacing available upon request
Radial (Spoke) Sewed: Cut down buff. More flexible than the Spiral Sewed Buff. Excellent compound retention due to pockets on edge holding compound.
Concentric Sewed: Color-buff with the stiffness of a spiral-sewed buff. Firmness is determined by distance between the rows of stitching.
Creso Sewed (Cut & Color): Uni-directional buff. Run against the point of the stitching as a cutting buff and the opposite direction for coloring action. Pockets increase compound retention.
Petal Sewed: Cut down buff. More aggressive than Creso Sewed Buff yet still offering flexibility.
Square Sewed: Most aggressive sewed style for full-disc cut-down buffs. Ridgid buff with excellent compound retention because of small pockets along the edge.

Note: Aggression and flexibility of sewing styles can be customized using specific materials and treatments. Contact a sales representative for more information.